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The mission of Uplift A Child Africa International is to bring up orphaned and needy children by finding ways and means of meeting their spiritual ,physical and social needs and reaching out to all the children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ .

The end result is to raise reliable responsible, resourceful and productive citizens through providing and facilitating the education, instruction, training and equipping with skills to the children in a Christian set up. The objective will be achieved by using various means and ways of reaching out to these children.


Uplift A Child Africa International has mainly concentrated on providing basic needs such as clothes shoes medication school fees to the needy children and teaching them the word of GOD


The orphan and needy problem is widespread and it poses a real danger to the development of this country. Children who miss opportunities for improving themselves today, will be a big burden to society and of no use to themselves in future. Uplift A Child Africa International invites all of you to join hands and we make the lives of the children a better place.



  • We would wish to acquire a bigger piece of land close to 15-20 acres of land so  as to enable us have a better  home.


land plan

1. School to support our children and the local community (expected population of 500+ students)

2. Vocational building attached to school

3. Church to support our children and the local community

4. Medical clinic to support our children and the local community

5. A Football Pitch to enable the children to carry out sports activities

6. A Child Care Centre to support the newly born children who need intensive care

7. Accomodation building for both boys and girls together with the reading environment


1. To construct an Orphanage Institution Center that will house vulnerable children on interim care basis and after rehabilitating them, reunify and re-integrate them with their families.

2 To establish a vocational training center for skills training


Your donation will go a long way to help the children and
our projects.

*The Amatsiko Organisation is the Financial Administrator of our online donations. 15% of online donations will be used for PayPal fees and bank transfers. We ask that you please allocate enough to cover your donation and the 15% fee while making your donation to us. Thank you for your kindness.
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Sponsor a child

Sponsor a family

When you sponsor a child, your sponsorship will go a long way to help with: When you sponsor a family, your sponsorship will go a long way to help with:


Monthly $USD
Monthly $USD




1. You will definitely touch the life of a child from the poorest of the poor in a
war torn country.

2. You offer a child the opportunity to go to school and be prepared for his or her
future like: daily assurance of food, good clothing, school supplies such as,
uniforms, shoes, sockets and sweaters, books, school bags, lunch.

3. You offer a child or children medical health care in case of sickness.

If you would like to sponsor a child or family please email us

4. You will start and establish a loving relationship with a child of your choice.

5. Your child or children will be told about God's love and having enjoyed that love, they will in turn one day show love to others.

6. You will establish a "LOVE- LINK" with a child that will enrich your own life and family when you receive up dates from the coordinator and see the picture(s) of your child or children you support, then you will know that you are making a difference.